Free Online — Mindful Parenting with High Needs Kids

Once again, parenting and child development experts Cecilia and Jason Hilkey are hosting a 5-day online event THIS WEEK from Thursday, May 16th through Monday, May 20th. The line-up of speakers and their expertise is remarkable. I’ll be talking with Cecilia and Jason about food and how food impacts our children’s social and emotional development! In my experience, every child has his or her sensitivities. And these can become challenges in family life. Learn how to support your child bolstering their development and strengthening their social and emotional skills.

This conference is for you if:

  • You have a highly sensitive or special needs child in your family (or you teach one);
  • You want expert advice to guide your child to make friends, stay motivated, do their best and yet feel loved by you no matter what;
  • You want to use connection and understanding to help your child manage their feelings and behaviors (rather than threats or bribes); and
  • You are curious about when to have healthy boundaries and when to let things slide.

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