Check out the Nationwide Children’s PediaCast…

Hope you’ll give a listen to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital PediaCast, an award-winning podcast for parents and families to learn about children’s healthy development hosted by Pediatrician Mike Patrick, MD. Confident Parents, Confident Kids’ author, Jennifer Miller joins Christine Cully, Editor-In-Chief of Highlights Magazine to discuss with Dr. Mike what a representative sample of U.S. kids told Highlights for Children in their State of the Kid survey. We discuss multiple takeaways for parents and educators from what kids told us about their influencers, their worries, what they like about themselves, and how they feel when they see injustice.

Listen to Influencers and Worries…According to Kids! Pediacast 419 and check out this high-quality podcast! Thank you, Highlights and Dr. Mike for this opportunity!

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