3 Tips for Easing Back-to-School Stress

Check out Jennifer Miller’s three top tips for easing back to school stress for both parents and the kids they love as part of the Equip Our Kids Back to School Campaign. Note the second tip is a super simple key ingredient, a new perspective on a foundational skill. But you may just discover that if you coach your child on this one, it can make all the difference in dealing with very normal new school year butterflies.

Remember that back to school time is not a day but truly a season. Our children may use their best self management skills on day one but by day two or three be exhausted, hangry and emotional fried by the end of a school day. Practice these tips with them this weekend before the pressure is on. Try them together a few times! And they’ll be ready to face all the newness that the start of school brings with hope and excitement.

Here’s to a healthy, safe and happy school year filled with the joy of learning for the whole family (confident parents too!)!

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