What Do You Need?

Though there have been pandemics in history, for the vast majority of us, this is a unique moment in our personal history in which we are required to stay home with our families for an indefinite amount of time. Our relationships with our children, with our partner, with anyone who lives in our household will be tested. In addition, many of us are charged with home-schooling our children which can range from answering an occasional question while they work virtually or teaching content and guiding a child through their entire school curriculum or not engaging with school because of a lack of time and access. All of these scenarios represent a giant shift in roles and responsibilities adding stress to parents and caregivers amidst a backdrop of health and safety concerns.

We’ve been sharing free content to support you but feel it makes sense to take a moment to pause and deeply listen to your needs. I hope you’ll respond to the following four questions. These polls should only take a minute of your time. Your input can help determine what is produced to support you while we are reorienting ourselves and our parenting in this new #COVID19 context. Please take a moment to share your feedback!


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