This Friday — Join CASEL Cares Webinar on Supporting SEL at Home during COVID19

Join the new CASEL Cares series through the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning this Friday where we’ll discuss how to support children’s social and emotional development at home during the #COVID19 pandemic. This webinar will address:

What does social and emotional learning look like in family life? How can parents, caregivers and educators incorporate social and emotional skill building into their daily lives at home with their children? And how might parents hone their own skills at home?  Jennifer Miller will show how this unique time may just be the opportune moment to practice resilience and advance social and emotional skills. During this shelter-in-place, stay-at-home time period, caring adults can use new practical strategies and tools to support their expanded role as 24-hour caregivers and educators. Jennifer will discuss how you can plan ahead for big feelings — your children’s and your own; how you can set up your home for learning success; how to facilitate social connection in a physical distancing world, and how to turn it around when stress gets the best of us and things go sideways. Sign up here! 

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What are you doing to stay socially connected?

What are you doing to help your child stay socially connected?

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