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With this new book, I set out to inspire and support parents and offer a new way to view their roles and their children through an empathetic, loving and informed lens in this incredibly tough and meaningful journey raising kids. This represents a decade of research, writing, and practice work along with a lifetime career focused on children’s social and emotional development. Most of the work of spreading the word about the book comes through the author’s efforts in partnership with you, caring readers, commenters and deep thinkers and practitioners of parenting with social and emotional learning.

Help me reach my goal of fifty reviews on Amazon! The book is at the halfway point with 26 reviews. Amazon will add the book to the suggestions’ list when it hits 50 reviews. Help this important book stand out on the crowded virtual bookshelf! IF you’ve ordered and read it, thank you! Now take just a brief moment to write an honest review!  If you scroll down, on the left side, it will say “Customer Reviews,” and then, “Write a customer review.”

And of course, spread the word!

Eleven Simple Tips for Parents Supporting Children Dealing with Anxiety

There’s a lot of worry swirling in the world right now. From the book, here are some simple strategies for addressing worry with your child or teen. Print off this one-pager to serve as a helpful reminder as you interact with your child.

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