Building Confident Kids Online Event — Coming Soon!

Next week, April 7-12, check out the free online conference hosted by full-time teacher and Mom Heather Davis. This 5-day online event includes interviews with experts focused on how we can authentically build confidence in kids in our everyday roles as parents or educators. 

If you want to learn ways to improve your role and effectiveness with the children you love, you’ll discover plenty of helpful strategies from world-class experts. Here are a few of the topics to be discussed:

How You Play A Major Role In The Social and Emotional Development Of Your Kids – Jennifer S. Miller

How To Help Kids Develop A Growth Mindset – Alexandra Eidens

The Importance Of Encouraging Play At EVERY Age (Even As Adults) – Janine Halloran

How Boosting The Competence Of Our Kids Builds Confidence And Resilience – Dr. Ken Ginsburg

How To Teach Kids To Be Courageous In The Midst Of Fear – Karen Young

The Secrets Of Boosting The Confidence Of Anxious Kids – Natasha Daniels

and more! Be sure to sign up here for free to gain your pass and also, receive the playbook Heather has put together to compile resources!


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