Dialogue on The Key to Motivating Students, The Brain and Beyond

Did you miss our Twitter chat last week on motivation and learning? In fact, it was a national trending topic on Twitter that evening and quite a rich conversation. We dove into questions like:

  • Where does our children’s motivation come from?
  • How do we inspire them to work hard especially on challenges that are not intrinsically motivating?
  • What strategies can parents and educators adopt to motivate students?
  • How do rewards fit in to motivation? How does punishment fit with motivation?

And much more! You don’t need to be a Twitter follower in order to check out the conversation. Visit this link to the Parent Toolkit display of our excellent dialogue featuring CPCK’s Jennifer Miller and neurologist and author Judy Willis. Thank you @NBCNewsLearn for the opportunity to have this great conversation!

Here’s one of the tweets and a video shared:

Learning takes place in loving, caring conditions whether at school or at home. Children are motivated to work hard when they feel a trust from their caregivers that they are capable of learning. Check out this video on How Learning Happens: The Power of Relationships by Edutopia: https://youtu.be/kzvm1m8zq5g 

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  1. So true – the video. This is essentially what St X did [does] that works so well for its students.

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