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CPCK Families by Jennifer MillerIf you read this blog, then you already know that cultivating social and emotional skills in our kids is not a luxury but an essential for preparing caring, confident and contributing adults. We can only learn and improve as parents through this dialogue if we share our stories. So I am hoping you might share yours.

If you want to contribute to this discussion, please respond to the following questions:

1. What social and emotional skill(s) do you promote? (You can pick one to focus on if it’s easier.)

Examples might include empathy, compassion, perspective taking, inclusiveness, gratitude, self-control, responsibility, ethical decision making, effective communicating, listening, problem solving or collaboration.

2. How specifically do you promote it?

3. What evidence can you point to that your child is using that skill? Please share an anecdote.

No story is too small. For example, seeing your child listening empathetically as a result of your practice or modeling with him is preparing him for a life of healthy relationships. In order for us to truly understand the powerful impact social and emotional learning can make on our family lives, we all need stories to motivate and to challenge us. I’ll publish a selection of the responses that are returned on this site and on all of the Confident Parents, Confident Kids social media outlets. Thank you in advance for your participation! You can write your story in the comments section or email it to me, Jennifer Miller, at

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