New Parent Supports – Coaching and Webinar

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This week, I am launching a parent coaching service intended for busy, caring parents who know they could be more effective with their children with a little support. With some goal setting, guidance and simple strategies, parents can more easily teach skills in self-awareness, self-control, empathy, communication and responsible decision making. You can learn to respond to discipline challenges in ways that promote self-discipline.  And you can do it in ways that make the most sense for your families. A Mom who went through a coaching process with me reported feeling significantly more confident in parenting from 65% of the time when she began to 85% at the end of our work together.

Your parenting might also benefit from this type of coaching. Find out more about this opportunity to deepen your family relationships and promote your child’s success. Please share with others if you think they may have an interest. One-on-one coaching can be provided in person or via phone or Skype. If you are interested, contact me at

And check out the pre-recorded webinar on “Social and Emotional Skills in Busy, Family Life” available for the next month (March-April, 2014) online. A small membership fee to Six Seconds, a global organization committed to Emotional Intelligence, is required to log in and access the webinar but it will also allow you the benefits of multiple resources including webinars given by the biggest influencers in the field of Emotional Intelligence. You can use this link to register. It will also gain you access to many more webinars including those by Dr. Daniel Siegel about the teenage brain, Daniel Goleman on Focus, Trip Hawkins on the new adventure video game “If,” and Vicki Zakrzewski on teaching students positivity. Once you’ve registered & logged in, use the following link to go to the recordings page:

Happy Spring!

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