Happy One Year Blog-iversary

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In recognizing this milestone of one year of Confident Parents, Confident Kids, I want to thank all of those who have contributed to making this blog a success! Thank you most especially to my editor extraordinaire, Linda Smith (known to me as Mom and an incredibly skilled and diplomatic editor) for her weekly partnership. Thank you to my husband and son for being a supportive learning laboratory. A big thank you to the individuals illustrated above who have read regularly, provided feedback and promoted the site. And thank you, reader for visiting! Here are the stats:

56 Posts

106 Countries – people from 106 countries around the world have visited the blog

112 Weekly subscribers, with some also on the Facebook fan page, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn



Here is a review of the articles and topics covered over the past year. Check out the ones you may have missed.

Building a Positive Family Environment

Practicing Social and Emotional Skills


Modeling Social and Emotional Skills

Tone Tuning (Tone of voice)

Helping Children Understand Death

The Fear of Failure

Summer Reading

The Perfection of Being Imperfect

In Appreciation of Teachers

In-between Here and There   (Transitions, Change)

In Praise of Specificity (Reinforcing   language)

In Times of Disaster…Look for the Caring People

Television; Navigating our Global   Neighborhood

Television; Navigating the Content of   our Global Neighborhood

A Truly Good Morning

Wisdom from Mister Rogers – “Look for   the helpers” (in crisis)

On Edutopia (www.edutopia.org – The George Lucas Foundation)

On “What’s Hot?” Radio Show (Podcast   interview)

Boo! Common Fears and How to Help   Children Deal with Them

Catching Emotions


Mine, Your and Ours (Turn taking)

Back to School Butterflies (Anxiety)

Let the Games Begin (Cooperation, Communication)

Working it Out (problem solving)

Cultivating a Sense of Competence

A Fork in the Road (Choices,   Decision-making)

The Comeback Kid (I Statements)

Unconditional Love; The Prequel   (Self-compassion)

Unconditional Love and Attention

Are Questions the Answer? (Open-ended   questions)

Strategies for Teaching Self-Control

Play and a Happy Holiday to You

The Joy of Giving

Holiday Marathon (stress management)

Waiting Games (Social awareness)

Is this School about Heart and Head?

Top Ten Reasons for Parents to   Proactively Teach Social and Emotional Skills

How do you Teach Kids Social and   Emotional Skills?

Cooling the Fire (self-management)

The Story of Self (self-awareness)


Junior Teacher (Interactive modeling)

Making New Friends

Expanding the Circle: Teaching   Children Inclusion

Take the One Thing for Spring Challenge (Parent Goal Setting)

Parent Teacher Conversations

The Power of Self-control

Dinner: Delight or Disaster?

What Can I Do about Sandy Hook   Elementary ? (parents’ role in preventing school violence)

Gifts from the Heart

A Grateful State of Mind

The Heart of Family (relationship   skills)

Parent Private Investigator   (children’s emotions)


Please help celebrate by providing your feedback. What has helped you? What topics are you most interested in? What would you like to see on this site in the coming year? What are your greatest parenting challenges? How can Confident Parents, Confident Kids help you in meeting your own parenting goals? Place a comment on this article with your feedback or email me at confidentparentsconfidentkids@gmail.com. Here’s to another year of dialogue and support for one of the most important jobs – parenting. Thanks again for joining me on this journey!

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  1. Nice illustration. Looks like it took some time but was fun to do. Love, Maaaa On Oct 11, 2013, at 10:04 AM, confident parents confident kids wrote:


  2. Your blog is always worthwhile and worth sharing, Jennifer! Congrats on reaching a milestone. You’ve done a lot to make SEL accessible to parents and I’m happy to be a member of your team! I love having such great material to link families to! Keep it coming!

  3. Your blog is always worthwhile and worth sharing, Jennifer. Congrats on reaching your milestone! I’m glad to be a part of your team and appreciate all you’re doing to make SEL accessible to parents. Keep it coming! It’s great to have such high quality material to link to!

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