Interview with Jennifer Miller, Confident Parents Confident Kids:

Today I got to speak with Ms. Jennifer Miller, founder of Confident Parents Confident Kids. She teaches mindfulness to kids and parents, and helps them navigate this world so they can be their best selves.

How can we get all the companies with similar missions to understand that we will make more positive change in this world for the next generation if we work together? What ideas do you have to scale up to get these programs in all schools in the country?

I think our children and teens are beginning to lead the way. You are such a perfect example of this. The games, videos, your book, and the many ways Wuf Shanti teaches kids’ mindfulness has greater power because they were conceived by you for your peers.

I assume the large organizations’ missions you are referring to all are focused on our next generation. We need to keep a mindful focus on our children – their present social and emotional needs and concerns. Students are raising their voices more and more, as in the Parkland tragedy. We need to encourage and support those voices and also, push to action. How can each child, each family contribute to a safe, caring learning community? What can you do? We all have an important role to play…


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