Now These Are SEL SuperPowers!!!

Nikkya Hargrove’s SEL Superpower is presence. She writes:

My SEL Superpower is my presence because I am calm and take everything as it comes.”

Nikkya’s daughter Aviah Hargrove’s Superpower is magic! She writes:

“My SEL Superpower is magic because I have special senses.”

In SEL terms, this is called self awareness!

Nikkya’s son Jonathan says his SEL Superpower is singing. He writes:

My SEL Superpower is singing because it helps people feel good.

Shannon Wanless, Director of the Office of Child Development at the University of Pittsburgh writes:

“My SEL Superpower is self-reflection because life is an amazing journey of constant self-discovery! I love journaling, sitting quietly outside and thinking, and looking to friends with different identities to help me see myself in new ways.”

Shannon’s daughter Maryella, Age 16 writes:

“My SEL superpower is her persistence. I can focus and learn and push forward even with things are hard or stressful or seem insurmountable.”

Shannon about her daughter:

“My daughter is unshakable!”

Shannon’s son, Charlie, Age 13 writes:

“My SEL superpower is relationship-building skills.”

Shannon writes about him:

“He can be in any group of kids and end up joking around with them within minutes. How does he do that?” ❤

More SEL Superpowers to come!!! What’s yours?

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