Fathers’ and Sons’ SuperPowers

Check out these superpowers from fathers and sons!

Mike Wilson, Confident Parents Writer and Outreach Coordinator, Harris County Department of Education, TX and also, producing of the popular podcast “Making After School Cool!” writes:

My SEL Superpower is self awareness because  I contently monitor my feelings and reactions to various situations as a part of my personal commitment to self improvement.

Jason Miller, Confident Parents Writer, Founder of Inner Sound and Co-founder of Hearth writes:

My SEL Superpower is presence. At any given moment, I am in-tune with the space, the energy inside of me, and my connection with others.

Ethan Miller, son of Jennifer and Jason, is 15 years old. He says:

“My SEL Superpower is kindness. I try and act kindly toward all of my classmates and anyone I encounter online.”

Nikkya Hargrove’s son Johnathan says:

“My SEL Superpower is singing because it helps people feel good.”

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