Practicing Perspective-taking, Dealing with Fears and Cultivating Parents’ Self-awareness…

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The Hidden Treat of Halloween; Practicing Perspective-taking

Though fear may abound with kids worrying about spooky specters and parents worrying about COVID, nut allergies, and cavities, there is more to the Halloween experience than just candy and frights. Children are encouraged to be someone or something else for one night a year. They are not only permitted but emboldened to become a character from their imaginings. Halloween gives them a chance to think and feel from another perspective. The skill of perspective-taking is one that has been found to assist in problem-solving, communication, multi-cultural understanding, empathy and academic performance. Learn how you can hone this skill through Halloween fun.

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Darkness, Monsters, and Snakes — Oh My! How Parents Can Support a Child Dealing with Fears

Understanding fear and how it impacts our children can help us be more responsive and empathetic parents. We can learn how to raise kids who are courageous. Fear is experienced differently by every person. There is no predicting what particular fears your child will have or develop. The key is to pay attention to fears and work to understand them. This article provides a simple process for helping your child deal with his or her fears that has been shown to work even among with children with severe phobias.

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Fear and the Case of the Disappearing Parent

Have you ever found fears eating away at your most intimate relationships? Were anger or irritation masking what was just below the surface? And when you actually examined the fears, did you discover their origins went as far back as your own childhood? That’s the premise of this fictional adults-only ghost story, the only fiction written for this site to date! It may spook you but it also may hold some truths about ghosts in your own life you are ready to confront.

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