Coming Soon! Mindful Parenting Summit

Support Children’s Growing Minds, Hearts and Spirits with Strategies Backed by Research

Want to build your mindfulness knowledge and skill? Attend our FREE Mindful Parenting Summit on July 26-29, 2021, where parenting experts of different age groups share their insights into mindfulness and its benefits for children. It’s FREE!

Interviews start at 8am EST each day and will be posted for 24 hours. So grateful to Helen Maffini for organizing this event at a time when we could all use a mindfulness boost! I will discuss with her how this moment of transition and change can be an ideal time in which to reexamine your core family values, how your priorities may have shifted, and how you can align your deepest values and priorities with the decisions you are making and how you engage or reengage with family, friends and your community.

Join our FREE summit and learn: 

• Mindfulness activities that children will enjoy and benefit from

• What science says about mindfulness

• Why research supports mindfulness practice for teachers, parents, and children

• How mindfulness can be introduced to children from preschool up to their teenage years

• Tips and strategies to create a calm, caring classroom or home

• How to increase your own mindfulness

• And more


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