Reader Responses – How Do We Heal?

A number of readers wrote in and commented on the question I posted about how we can become intentional about healing emotional and social wounds this summer that may have been a result of the pandemic including racial injustices, job or income losses, loss of in-person education, mental and physical well-being and social divides. Here’s what you said.

I loved reading your post this morning. Was inspired. I have a 6 yr old son (will be 7 in August) and a husband (together 17 years, married 8 years). Going along with your bucket idea, I thought of the phrase we commonly use with each other of ‘you filled my bucket’ or ‘my bucket is empty’ (from the children’s book of similar title). Anywho, we have small, silver buckets from an Oriental Trading purchase long ago for a teaching endeavor and I thought to give each of us 2 buckets to assign affirming or positive words that for us mean joy, health and/or healing. Mine as a Type A Mom are PEACE and RELAX; Husband’s are PHYSICAL (for activity and love language) and MAKE (he’s an artist and creative). I will introduce this idea to my son after school and see what he comes up with. Thank you for putting a positive spin on the season to come and perspective around the pandemic that’s uplifting vs. exhausting.

– Melanie Wiley

Journaling daily my feelings has helped me tune into how I want to feel and align my behavior to feel that way. It’s a great way start my morning with purpose and intention. I have an EQ program teaching kids social emotional learning and I use the “Mission Me Journal” by Renee Jain, Founder of GoZen for Kids to teach EQ.

– Tabatha Marden

I surround myself with positive people that I know have my best interest at heart. They help me see things clearly. EQUAL to that though, if not even of greater importance, I distance myself from toxic situations.

  – @AshleeArcX

When I’m angry with my family members, I stop and spend time listing out in my head all of the things I love about them and it helps me return to our argument in a more loving way.

-Parent, Robeson County, NC

I am still thinking about this right now too. I am falling in love with the idea of creating our own “interventions” to support our own goals. Why hasn’t this crossed my mind pre-COVID? Here’s to joy, healing, and health for all of us this summer!!!

– Shannon Wanless

Right now, healing is coming from Investing in intimate connections with family and friends. It helps grow my trust and faith in humanity. Even when there are disagreements and it’s difficult, hanging in there and working on it together restores our connection and sense of safety.

– Jennifer Miller

Thanks to all who contributed! Hoping it’s a summer of fun, renewal, and healing for you and your family!

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