Raising Remarkable Kids Online Event – Coming Soon!

Looking forward to the Raising Remarkable Kids Expert Series!

I’m excited to be speaking in the Raising Remarkable Kids Expert Series, hosted by Mary Kay Garrett, where 21 experts have teamed up to talk about relevant and timely issues like:

  • Improving communication with your kids
  • Creating family rules that set healthy boundaries
  • When to back off when kids are struggling and when to lean in
  • How to use mindfulness practices to help kids move through emotions
  • And much more! 

I’ll be speaking with Mary Kay on Tuesday, June 8th about arguing with family members and how we can build healthy conflict management skills in our children and ourselves, strengthen our intimacy and trust even in the midst of disagreements and prevent unhealthy patterns of fighting that cause hurt and regret.

Learn more about this FREE EXPERT series from June 1st – June 15th and  REGISTER FREE HERE!

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