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The physical health challenges posed by COVID-19 has brought home the need for parenting with social and emotional skills. It’s challenged all of us to create new ways to manage big feelings and promote social and emotional development in a time when our children are frequently isolated. There are some truths that cannot be ignored as we live through this global pandemic:

  1. Social and emotional skills are vital for parents and families to manage stress, fear, and challenging times in ways that build strength and intimacy and not deteriorate it.
  2. Our children’s social and emotional skills are cultivated in relationship with others through modeling, coaching, practice and supportive (recognizing and reinforcing) environments.
  3. Schools cannot operate without families as partners. Education begins at home and requires community to support it.
  4. Relationships are a cornerstone to learning.
  5. Children and parents can thrive during tough times but it requires a commitment to their own social and emotional learning.
  6. The active inclusion of all individuals who may be categorized as “different” because of race, culture, learning ability, gender identification, or sexual orientation among other factors (such as, arts-oriented boys, science and engineering-oriented girls) is vital to a safe, healthy and just community.
  7. Our individual self awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship skills and responsible decision-making have a significant impact on the health of our family, community and planet.

Here at CPCK, our community of writers and thinkers have produced a number of articles and resources in 2020 to support you. We’ve placed our “best of…” COVID-times resources here to help you as we continue to manage life during a pandemic. Here’s to you and your families’ health, safety and well-being over the coming year!


My Kids’ School Is Closed So, Now What? by Pamela McVeagh-Lally

On the Front Lines… Parents and Educators as Servant Leaders; Our Call to a Greater Purpose

The Missing Link in Social and Emotional Learning; Why Social Justice and Equity Are Essential to Social and Emotional Learning by Shannon Wanless and Tia N. Barnes

Learning about our Planet Together

Big Worries, Small Steps

High Stakes Conversations

Social and Emotional Learning Around the Clock

Helping Children Understand Death

Navigating the COVID Storm — Together; Understanding Group Dynamics to Improve your Family’s Collaboration and Resilience by Julea Douglass, Ph.D. and R. Keeth Matheny


Learning about Racial and Social Justice at Home – A Series of Resources including children’s book recommendations


Family Relationships, Conflict and Communications:

Do You Have a Family Emotional Safety Plan?

Family Responsible Decision-making – includes the traffic light problem solving model by Roger Weissberg

Developing Family Guidelines for Fighting Fairly

Family Fighting? Use the Peace Rose

Challenging Feelings:

Daily Feelings Temperature Checks

Healthy Coping Strategy List for K-4

Healthy Coping Strategy List for Grades 5-12

School and Home:

30 Ways to Build Caring Relationships on Zoom

The Stress of School, The Safety of Now

A Parent and Educator Manifesto


Gratitude Prompts…


Highlights for Children Podcast: For the Love of Reading – How Reading Helps Social-Emotional Learning (and dealing with anxiety and fears) – Listen now on YouTube or Apple Podcasts 🎧

Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) Cares Webinar with Jennifer Miller:

So What Now? Supporting Social and Emotional Learning at Home

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