Join the Preschool Mindfulness Summit! Starting today…

Starting today, I hope you’ll join me for the Preschool Mindfulness Summit hosted by author and educator Helen Maffini. This free online event involves experts in education, parenting and psychology who will discuss how we can help our children learn to focus their attention, learn how to care for themselves and their emotions, and also show compassion for others. The topics addressed are relevant, practical and enticing including:

  • Self-Compassion for Parents, Teachers, and Educators with Kristin Neff
  • Educating Mindful Minds With Rick Hanson
  • Talking to Preschoolers about the Brain with Liz Frink
  • Mindful Parenting with Genevieve Von Lob
  • Attuning to Children’s Unique Melodic Theme: Identifying and Understanding Children’s Temperaments to Build Social and Emotional Skills and Caring Relationships with Jennifer Miller (Interview live this Thursday, Feb. 6th!)

As our understanding of our children and mindfulness evolves, this dialogue is a tremendous value for parents and educators alike to raise questions and offer research-linked practices. Hope you’ll join!

Sign up FREE here! 

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