On Thrive Global… 4 Ways to Talk with your Kids about their Celebrity Influencers

You-Tubers, E-Gamers, Reality-TV Stars and Athletes

Check out the latest Confident Parents, Confident Kids’ post on Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global. It begins…

“Adam just caught the most gigantic bass, Mom,” my son exclaims as if Adam is a neighbor, a school friend, or at the very least, someone I know. But I quickly realize my eleven-year-old son is referring to one of his favorite “YouTubers.” Adam and others like him are creeping more and more into my son’s conversation and I recognize he’s learning new terminology, visiting new places, and encountering a host of new experiences. For this reason, I am eager to get to know Adam, understand the reason for my son’s enthusiasm, and explore what he is teaching through his videos.

My son is not alone. A large number of U.S. children have told Highlights in their 2018 State of the Kid survey that celebrities are a key and growing influencer in their lives. Yes, parents remain the top influencer and second and importantly, teachers also capture children’s admiration. But increasingly our children also look to the personalities on their screens for role modeling. Whether it’s an e-gamer (playing competitive video games) or a reality television show star or a professional athlete, fifteen percent of children ages 6-12 report that they admire and respect celebrities. In addition to noting that those role models are caring and kind, they said they were generous, helped others, were smart, and knowledgeable. Read the full article.

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    • I agree! When my son started exploring YouTube, I got so scared and jumpy and I know that shaped my reactions to him. I don’t want him to fear media. I want him to learn to be a reflective consumer of media. And to make good choices. So I worked a bit on my own feelings of safety – set parent controls so that the filters would help, look at sites he was following with him and generally got more comfortable with it. You will too! 🙂 Thanks for the feedback! We are all in this together! Best, Jennifer

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