On NBC Parent Toolkit…Getting Back In a School Routine at Every Age

How Can Parents Help Kids Get Back Into the Swing of School Days after the Freedom of Summer?

This week, the NBC Parent Toolkit team along with TODAY Show parent experts Michele Borba and Amy McCready and myself put together a brief practical guide divided by grade levels to prepare you with ideas for what we, as parents, can do now to pave the way for our children’s smooth transition into the school routine. It begins…

Welcome to August, otherwise known as the “Sunday of summer.” Every year, this month comes barreling in, knocking at our door, and we can’t help but greet it with a mix of surprise, sadness, and yes – even some relief. With the end of long days at the pool and handwritten letters from camp comes the beginning of back-to-school shopping and renewed hope that this will be the year our kids finally get to school on time.

As seasoned parents know, preparing our kids to go back to school goes beyond bringing out the backpacks and checking off a list of school supplies. The real challenge comes when we have to replace lazy afternoons in the sun with homework help and late-night bonfires with an earlier bedtime. But the new schedule doesn’t have to be a battle. Whether you have toddler starting school for the first time or a teen who’s entering their final year of high school, here’s how to restore routines (and hopefully, some peace)… READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.


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