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Check out the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning’s (CASEL) newsletter for an interview with CPCK’s Author, Jennifer Miller! CASEL promotes the integration of social and emotional learning – the most critical skills for our children to develop – into preschool through high school by advancing research, policy, and practice. It’s an honor to collaborate with an organization that is changing the conversation in education to ensure that all schools are intentionally preparing children with the competencies they’ll need for success today and in their future! Thanks, CASEL!

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Jennifer Miller, an expert on families and social and emotional learning, is the author of a popular blog, Confident Parents, Confident Kids and a longtime CASEL collaborator. She first discovered the power of SEL when working on dropout prevention as a VISTA volunteer many years ago. Ten years ago, when she became a parent, she discovered the lack of research-based advice about SEL for parents. That inspired her to start her blog, which now has 22,500 subscribers and 40,000 views per year from 152 countries. Here she shares practical advice for communicating with parents, families, and caregivers.

On the importance of parent SEL.

The great challenge for parents is how to manage your own emotions. Parenting is so deeply personal. The very nature of child development will raise a parent’s own volcano of emotions. For instance, toddlers go through a stage when they are hitting, but knowing that doesn’t always help a parent who remembers being hit as a child and wants to nurse his or her own wounds. Parents need to unpack what they’re feeling. I tell them, “You’re going to get emotional. Let’s plan for it so you’re ready.” Our Caregivers Guide (upcoming from CASEL) has an Emotional Safety Plan. It might mean saying, “Mommy needs five minutes.” Then close your eyes, calm down, breathe, reflect and come up with a plan to re-enter the situation.

We all plan for fires, even though only one in four of us ever experiences them. But we don’t plan for emotional fires even if every single parent has them.

On 5 things teachers can do.
You don’t have to do a big parent engagement initiative. Many small things build the trusting relationships that are at the heart of this work. Hang out at pick-up time, make conversation, send home pictures of students learning. All of these say, “I care. I connect.” Click here for the full interview and check out the rest of the newsletter to learn about social and emotional learning updates around the globe! 

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