Get Today’s Webinar and Mark your Calendar for October’s Webinar

Did you miss today’s webinar?

You can still benefit from the strategies and tools shared. Click here to get the recording and follow-up email with tools and templates. You’ll learn how to limit screen time without power struggles, keep play time sacred, and get kids started on safe play while you attend to your household work. Also, learn how to prevent attention-seeking misbehaviors and teach appropriate ways for your kids to ask for your attention. And mark your calendar now for next month’s webinar with a spooky October theme (shown below)!


Be sure and save the date for the next webinar coming on October 27th. Reserve your seat now! 


Also, in celebration of CPCK’s fourth blog-iversary, I am offering any one of the 250+ illustrations drawn for this site as a signed, matted high-quality print of the original. For any not listed in the “shop” section, contact Here’s one most appropriate for October!


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