Did You Check Out Multiple Elementary Schools before Selecting One?

Home and School Partnerships Symbol by Jennifer MillerSelecting a kindergarten can be a big decision for those who are fortunate enough to have choices. Not only is it a commitment to one grade level, but your child/children and your family may want to remain in a school and district through middle school or even beyond. Private? Public? Charter? Montessori? Religious? There are a number of options. Does the school have a caring environment? Does it have a rigorous curriculum? I am collaborating with Edutopia – The George Lucas Educational Foundation – to learn from your experiences.


Please write in and share your story!

  • What were your considerations when you looked at schools?
  • How many schools did you examine?
  • What was important to you when evaluating schools?
  • What tools or resources could you have used to help ease the complex process for you and your family?

We are eager to learn from you! You are welcome to leave a comment in the comment section OR email Nora Fleming, Edutopia Editor, nora.fleming@edutopia.org directly to share your story. I’ll share the findings this Fall. Happy back to school days!

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