Promoting Difference Appreciation – A Children’s Book for Summer Reading

Considering the recent tragedy in Orlando, Florida, I thought this book might be a helpful one to add to any family’s summer reading list. This wonderful book – “Made by Raffi” is about a boy who felt different and used his interests to positively contribute to the people around him. Our kids will all experience moments or extended time periods when they may feel different and worry about not being like others. And your children will encounter others who are not like the crowd. Will your kids be curious, kind and want to get to know that other person? Will they be able to approach that person with an open mind and heart? Why not offer them this model of a child who embraced his identity and shined because of it? Check out my interview with the author, Craig Pomranz.


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At some point, every child will experience the feeling of being different. From hobby interests to gender identity, some children will have a more intense experience of not being like the rest. And all children encounter others who are different. How will they view those contrasts? Will they be able to see the unique richness diversity can bring to any social group? When children’s book author, Craig Pomranz introduced me to his book, I was immediately attracted to the story of a child, Raffi, who felt different and used his difference to make a unique contribution to his school. Raffi’s willingness to find a place for his interests connected him to his classmates instead of isolating him. I found Craig’s story and motivations for writing it inspiring. The following is my virtual conversation with this talented author with a vital message for children. Read the full interview with Craig Pomeranz.

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