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EducationNextGenerationJSMI am delighted to be a part of the “Education: Next Generation” FREE online conference next week, May 23-27, 2016. This conference brings together top educational and parenting experts to discuss key topics related to social and emotional learning and mindfulness. The conference is being organized by Cecilia and Jason Hilkey, educators, parenting experts and founders of Happily Family. My talk will be Monday, May 23rd and I’ll discuss how you and your loved ones plan for dealing with intense emotions like anger, fear or anxiety in family life so that everyone is prepared and knows how to manage themselves constructively. Sign up and gain access to numerous respected speakers each day that will discuss topics such as:

  • Teaching Mindfulness at Home and School
  • Cultivating Outdoor Learning
  • Empowering Children and Dealing with Sibling Rivalry
  • Encouraging Collaboration Rather Than Competition
  • Why Creativity and Passion Matter

And there will be a range of experts interviewed such as:

  • Tony Wagner, Expert In Residence at Harvard University’s Innovation Lab, Author of Most Likely to Succeed
  • Alfie Kohn, Author of Schooling Beyond Measure, Feel-Bad Education and Punished by Rewards
  • Maurice Elias, Author of Socially Intelligent Parenting, Social and Emotional Learning Expert and Professor, Rutgers University
  • Katie Hurley, Author of The Happy Kid Handbook, Psychotherapist and Speaker
  • Ross Greene, Author of The Explosive Child and Founder of Lives in the Balance

Each day will include 5 video interviews that will be available to access for 24 hours. Don’t miss it! For more information or to sign up FREE, follow this link! I hope you’ll join me for this great opportunity for rich dialogue about critical issues that impact our families!

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