Becoming a Mother – One Woman’s Experience

It’s difficult to believe that I babysat for this bright-eyed girl as full of creativity back then as she is now. But the years have added sophistication, well-honed writing skills, a calming speaking presence and the wisdom from life experiences that can only come from becoming a mother. Lane Pierce now writes creative essays on parenting for the award-winning blog, Scary Mommy and also she is a regular contributor to Listen to Your Mother, a program produced by Milwaukee’s National Public Radio. The process of becoming a mother so fundamentally changes our identity that telling the story whether to friends or through writing seems like an act of self-care. We need to tell that story because it has so significantly impacted our lives and reflect on its power. I thoroughly enjoyed her reading of her essay entitled “Ready or Not” and thought you might enjoy it too.

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    • Pretty incredible. Her Mom was my Communication Arts professor and I asked her Mom – did you do any training with her or do you attribute some of her abilities to modeling? And the response was there was no direct intentional training but wow– you can see the influence. Awesome! Glad you enjoyed and I always love hearing from you. Hope you and Kathy are doing well!

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