Parenting Wisdom from Confident Parents, Confident Kids’ Readers

Recently it occurred to me that this site has compiled three years worth of comments from readers. I thought it might be enjoyable to go through all of the comments and see if I might pull out one or two to quote. As I read through the comments from the past years, I was awed and inspired. There is so much wisdom that has been shared! I didn’t want that wisdom buried in a pile of posts so I pulled some of the best of your comments. Maybe you’ll see your name or a friend’s below?  Whether or not you recognize the commenters, do take a moment to read through their thoughts. So many express the efforts they are putting forth in their own homes with their own families to grow social and emotional skills and deepen connections with one another. I was thoroughly inspired by their words and I hope you will be too!

This gallery will have a permanent home on my site which I will update periodically as new comments come in. So please visit and comment! If you are working on or prioritizing values or practices with your family, share them so that we can all learn from your experience. And do check out the statements below.
Cara C. on Cooperative GamesShannon Positive IntentTom Finding Own AnswersStefanie F on Reading and Telling Stories
Susie on Service and ReflectionShannon on Service and Chores



Shannon W on Commonalities and DifferencesJulie I on GratitudeDorothy P on Emotional BoundariesSusie on Random Acts of KindnessMoms Perspective on walking awayDave N on summer transitionSaila on affirming feelingsShannon on Seeing through others' eyesLinda S on ListeningJulie I on Self-DisciplineTom R on Complete PresenceJeanne O on Emotional BoundariesJeanne O on FeelingsKimberly A on MediaDavid S on Emotional Signal

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