On NBC’s Parent Toolkit – “Second Chances – Teaching Children about Forgiveness”




In this busy holiday season, tensions and conflicts can arise easily. And old wounds can resurface as we encounter family and friends we may not see regularly. This is an ideal time to think about how you are encouraging forgiveness with your family members. Read the following and gain some simple ideas. Put them into practice and you can experience the freedom that comes with repairing harm and then, letting go. Wishing you and your loved ones a season filled with peace, love and joy!

Second Chances – Teaching Children about Forgiveness by Jennifer Miller begins…

“Aaron crashed into me on the playground. It really hurt but I forgave him. It was an accident,” said my son with the resignation of a wise old man rather than the eight year old he actually is. It struck me as strange since we don’t often hear the language of forgiveness. And maybe that’s because it may sound too lofty, too significant. “I forgive you,” seems only appropriate after a heinous act. And when a tragedy like the mass shooting in Paris does take place, we may talk about it as unforgivable. But forgiveness can be freely given anytime, anywhere and for the smallest of actions. Read full article.



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