Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving in Owensville

Every repast can have soul and can be enchanting; it asks only for a small degree of mindfulness and a habit of doing things with care and imagination.

– Thomas Moore, The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life

This photo depicts my father’s experience of Thanksgiving on a farm in a small town in Ohio. Though my experiences have taken place in an urban setting, this picture seems to remain in my head as a quintessential portrait of the celebration. I remember and am grateful for those who went before me. I appreciate their hard work and the sacrifices they endured in order to bring about the opportunities I have enjoyed. As you gather with your family and friends this week, I hope it is an experience that feeds both the body and soul. Happy Thanksgiving!

* For my father’s account of the Thanksgiving photo above along with some of his gorgeous artistic photography, check out his blog on contemplative photography, http://davidlsmithcontemplativephotography.com.

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  1. Jennifer—Thanks for the photo. I haven’t seen it in many years. And that’s how it was, except there were about six to ten more people who aren’t in it. I’m glad you have it, and that it serves as a portrait of an old fashioned Thanksgiving. Indeed, may it feed the soul of all who see it. And, now would be a great time for our readers to get out the photos they have of Thanksgiving’s past As you say, it’s a great way to remember those who came before us, and the contributions they made.

  2. Thank you! Although I live in Australia, I think thanksgiving is a wonderful celebration and allows one to reflect and be grateful (which I try to do each morning also).


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