“Tough Talks: Having the ‘Sex Talk’ With Your Child” on NBC’s Parent Toolkit

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NBC’s Parent Toolkit began a new blog series today entitled, “Tough Talks” in which they plan to tackle some of the most challenging conversations parents will have with their children. The first in this series highlights how you can talk about sexuality. CPCK’s Author, Jennifer Miller weighed in on the topic along with other Parent Toolkit experts including Dr. Michelle Borba, a parenting expert and regular TODAY Show Contributor.FB_1200x628_PTAPP-1

“If you look closely, you will find that there will be natural entry points to start these discussions,” says Miller. “It doesn’t have to be a dramatic sit-down conversation, but a drip of information as they encounter different issues and situations.”

For the full article, visit the NBC Education Nation’s “Parent Toolkit” blog.




One Comment on ““Tough Talks: Having the ‘Sex Talk’ With Your Child” on NBC’s Parent Toolkit

  1. Reblogged this on The Pacifier Review and commented:
    We all hated and dreaded the ‘sex talk’ with our parents, but there comes a time, where it’ll be your turn to sit your child down and just get this over and done with – quick and painless, just like a band-aid!
    Read on NBC’s Parent Toolkit blog ‘Tough Talks’ to help you tackle all these challenging conversations that you will have to have with your kids.

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