Thank you, Teachers!

Mom & Jenn in classroom
Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! Parents and teachers included, we thank you sincerely for helping us become better than we even knew we could be. Since both of my parents are teachers, I thought I would share some quotes from their students in celebration of all teachers today. We are better because of you!

1997 Bomber Pilots w Mom at Graduation


You helped me strive to the best of my abilities.”


“Thanks for challenging me to succeed.”1977 Soph Class at Mercy

“This was probably the hardest year of English that I have ever taken but it was also the most beneficial for me.”


“I learned so much from you and it carried through my career.”


“I have just realized how much of a difference, for the better, you made to me.”



“I realized this is a person whose advice I should heed.”


“You made me want to write well, and because of you, I think I do. I now hope to be a writer for a living.”


“He taught me the true meaning of education.” DSCF0101 Dad and his class field trip


“You taught me about life.”


1 Comments on “Thank you, Teachers!”

  1. ?WOW!!!! What a way to begin the morning! Thanks for the memories. We are about to leave to vote. Talk to you later. Love, Maaaaaa


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