Adjusting to Winter Weather by Jennifer Miller

Frustrated with the additional clothing and the nagging we feel we need to do to get out of the door on time? With a little planning and forethought, we can all experience a smooth and gentle morning to give family members a fresh and positive start. Check out the first paragraph and then, click the link to read the full article. And while you are reading, click around and explore this excellent new site. Arianna Huffington and numerous partners have launched a site called Thrive Global in which they focus articles on well-being, wisdom, wonder, giving, working smarter, and unplugging and recharging. I was honored to have my article published on this site. It begins…
“Where are your gloves? Uuuuhhhrrrr!” I growled this morning. Hats, gloves, boots, shoes and socks have been strewn everywhere through our tiny hallway and into our kitchen from our side door — so much so that I can’t walk without stepping on some article of clothing. I thought we were doing okay in the mornings. That first week back from holiday break is typically tough on the sleep routine — getting up and out of bed on time. But we’ve got that mastered now so we should be right back into our smooth mornings, right? Then enters the snow factor and sub-zero temperatures and we are not in as great of shape for mornings as I might have thought. And I’m not alone. Each time I’ve talked with parents in the past few weeks, the issue of the morning routine has come up. Here are some questions you might consider to help you determine whether it’s time to revisit your morning routine. Read the full article.




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