Whether you are concerned about preparing your children for school readiness, academic achievement, or success later in life, the learned skill of self-control will play a central role. Check out my latest article on specific, simple ways parents can promote self-control at various ages and stages. Here’s how it begins…

One More Cupcake?…Promoting Self-Control through the Ages

“I know I’m not allowed but no one will notice if I take one more cupcake,” reasons my nine-year-old son. Whether young or old or in-between, we are constantly exercising the skill of self-control. And though our ability to resist impulses can apply to small issues like resisting a sweet treat, self-control, a learned competence, is an essential ingredient for pursuing goals, performing well in school, and maintaining healthy relationships.
Walter Mischel, author of The Marshmallow Test, Why Self-Control is the Engine of Success writes that self-control “is essential for developing the self-restraint and empathy needed to build caring and mutually supportive relationships.” That’s because instead of responding impulsively to others, we need to consider feelings and the impact our words and actions have upon them. Read the full article.

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