Back to School Readiness by Jennifer MillerGS_SmartParentsNonTech-400x400_08Jan2015On Getting Smart in the Smart Parents series this week, Jennifer Miller wrote about “Smart Parents and Back to School Preparations: Supporting Social Learning.” This article offer simple, practical ideas for preparing your child and yourself for the social learning she’ll be doing at school.


It begins…

After the first week of school, I walked my seven year old son home along with one of his friends for a playdate. As we talked I asked, “What can you tell me about second grade so far?” expecting to hear about their new teachers or the greatness (or awfulness) of gym class. Instead they jumped right into discussing friendships and how certain classmates were treating one another unfairly. “Simon tells me to shut up.” said my son’s friend. “Yeah, and he wouldn’t let me in his four square game at recess.” my son added. And they volleyed back and forth with their concerns about the behaviors of their classmates. The interactions with their friends were foremost on their minds before teachers or classes. Consider your own conversations with your children about their first days and weeks back to school. Do you notice social and emotional concerns?

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