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Teens and tweens with strong emotional intelligence are more self-aware, good communicators, and have strong relationships with others. We all want this for our children, but how do we help them when many of us have never been taught?

Jennifer Miller, M.Ed. of Confident Parents, Confident Kids joined Sheryl Gould of the awesome podcast @MomofTweensandTeens! How do we deal with the emotional roller coaster ride that is parenting teens? How can we push the pause button when challenged and rethink our interactions so that we can consistently build their social and emotional intelligence? Check out our conversation!

What you will learn:

  • What is emotional intelligence and how can we teach our kids when no one taught us?
  • The five core skills of emotional and social intelligence.
  • How parents can coach their children through issues that arise within other relationships.
  • How you can use questions to help your child develop a sense of higher-order thinking skills.
  • When to step in and when to allow your teen to take a risk.
  • The value of parents expressing confidence in their teens’ abilities.
  • When talking with your teen, how you can help them see things from different perspectives?
  • What impact does it have on our families when parents take a “time out” to process their emotions?
  • Why you should have a phrase with your teen that means you both need to take a step away.

Check out the podcast here!

And did you know that you can listen to “Confident Parents, Confident Kids; Raising Emotional Intelligence In Ourselves and Our Kids from Toddlers to Teenagers” for free when you sign up for Audible? Find it here free!

Perfect for your summer reading list!

Here’s the video of our podcast conversation…

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