Will You Help?

We’d like to hear from you! Help us learn from you and also appreciate you. Please share with the Confident Parents’ community what is helping get you through this challenging time? You might respond to the questions:

  1. What small habits have you created for yourself during this time to strengthen you?
  2. What small habits have you created with your children during this time to help them deal with tough times?
  3. What small habits have you created with your whole family?

In addition, we are putting together a slide show of family pictures to appreciate and show the diverse range of individuals who read and contribute to this dialogue. So please share a recent family photo! You can send it to Jennifer at confidentparentsconfidentkids@gmail.com.

Now more than ever, it’s critical that we feel supported in our parenting and that we connect with and learn from one another! This online dialogue is intended to be a part of your village. Our hope is that it can be a vehicle for that kind of support. So I hope you’ll take a moment to jot down your responses to the question below.

Thank you so much in advance for contributing to this conversation!

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