Join Us for Morning Announcements with the Miller Family on Facebook Live

Set the Tone for Your Learning Day at Home…

Jennifer Miller of CPCK and her family — son, Ethan and husband, Jason will be doing morning announcements for families (just like schools do morning public announcements). Join us at 8:15 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on Facebook Live each weekday morning through our feed: or if you are in another time zone, visit the feed and watch the recording when you are ready to begin your home school day.

Our Morning Announcements will include:

  1. What’s going on (in our community and our world);
  2. A global pledge of allegiance;
  3. Inspirational Words, Wisdom (through poetry or other readings) or Intentions;
  4. Deep breathing.

We intend these announcements to last only fifteen minutes. Here is the Global Pledge of Allegiance we’ve written that we’ll recite:

Global Pledge of Allegiance

We pledge allegiance to the families of our world

that we recognize we are closer and more connected than we may seem.

And through the love for which we stand, one world, many beliefs, indivisible, with liberty, health, safety, and justice for all.

We hope you’ll join our family in getting the learning day off to a positive start!

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