On National PTA’s “Our Children” Blog… “Ask An Expert: How to Handle Your Kid’s Bad Habits”

The National PTA’s Podcast Series “Notes from the Backpack” hosted CPCK’s Jennifer Miller to discuss how to raise confident kids. In our dialogue, we discussed real life challenges of parents who were dealing with bad habits their children had started to demonstrate. One parent was upset that her child was calling other children names. Another parent was hearing from the teacher that her child struggled with self-control in class and kept interrupting the teacher and would not wait his turn. And yet another parent was concerned that her daughter was complaining frequently and not showing appreciation for the goodness in her life. I’ve included the podcast episode here and the article begins…

When our child display unhealthy habits, we often fret about how to redirect their actions, so they learn how to be a productive citizen and thrive in the world. But how do you address these bad habits and teach your child to independently choose better actions?

In a recent episode of Notes from the Backpack: A PTA Podcast, we spoke to Jennifer Miller, expert and author of Confident Parents, Confident Kids, to get her advice on how families can address everyday struggles—and help the whole family build social and emotional skills in the process.

Q: My 10-year-old son has started calling people stupid, including strangers. We don’t use that language at home, so we think he’s picking it up from school. What should we do?

Read the full article on the Our Children National PTA Blog.

3 Comments on “On National PTA’s “Our Children” Blog… “Ask An Expert: How to Handle Your Kid’s Bad Habits””

  1. Great interview Jennifer. I love it when you say that you are constantly engaged into how I can be a better parent. I’ve always said this because I only have him for a short time so I need to make sure that he’s getting the best of me. I don’t know it all but I believe that engagement and a desire to be better helps immensely.

    • I so agree! Yes, the learning helps me stay fully engaged and present. I’m more patient when I’m trying to figure out how to support his learning. As you say, we only have a relatively short span of time to deeply influence them while they are living in our households. Some days, it feels really short when I can’t believe how tall or how big he’s getting! So you are so right – focusing on our own learning matters in bringing our best! I have so appreciated your comments and feedback over the years! So much so, that I included you in my new book. I don’t think I can attach docs here but will go into Twitter where we are connected and show you how you appear in my new book! 🙂 Thanks and best! Jennifer

      • Aww thanks Jennifer your blog is just encouraging us to help raise our children with love and patience and that is so refreshing

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