On PBS Kids… “How to Coach Kids through Big Emotions”

Confident Parents, Confident Kids is delighted to partner with WNET Thirteen, the New York flagship PBS affiliate and PBS Kids to produce articles, resources and videos for parents related to supporting and helping our children learn about their big feelings. Today on PBS Kids’ blog, check out the following article on using emotion coaching with your young child. The article begins…

Young children can have big feelings, but not yet know how to handle them. Parents and caregivers can learn how to use coaching as a simple tool for responding to a child’s upset to build her emotional competence.

Coaching can become a powerful way to help children become more self-aware, understanding their own feelings and how emotions impact their choices. It can also give them valuable practice in responsible decision-making. Parents who use a coaching approach express confidence that their child will succeed in their efforts. Rather than fixing a problem for their child, they focus on helping their child identify and better understand their feelings and then, think through their own solutions to a problem. Read full article on PBS Kids.

And check out the related video with versions in English and Spanish! Parenting Minutes: Expressing Emotions


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