Tomorrow – World Kindness Day! Partnering with Go Noodle

“The Enduring Gift of Kindness; Raising Children Who Show Gratitude and Act with Generosity” on Go Noodle!

This week, Confident Parents, Confident Kids is partnering with an important organization. Have you heard of Go Noodle? They produce short 1-2 minute, high quality videos for children to be utilized by teachers and families. They reach an estimated four million children in public schools across the United States. These videos offer children joyful opportunities to move, dance, and practice mindfulness including focusing attention and activating compassion. In fact, as we spoke with other parents about Go Noodle, many were familiar from their children’s experiences at school. Teachers use these videos during transition times of the school day to get the wiggles out, change focus or direction, create a joyful climate, and boost social and emotional skills. We are delighted to learn about this incredible resource. And parents, there are videos geared for use in the home. Some of them are included with the article from Jennifer Miller this week including:

  • “Empower Tools: Have Compassion”
  • “Talk about It: Be Kind”
  • “Empower Tools: Tune into your World”
  • “Talk about It: Help Others”
  • “Best Tees: Be Nice”

“The Enduring Gift of Kindness; Raising Children Who Show Gratitude and Act with Generosity” begins…

A few days ago, my son and I approached a crowded grocery store entrance together. I watched as he noticed an older man walking with a cane. He quickly positioned himself so that he could open and hold the door for this man and then ushered me in as well. “That was kind,” I said to him as I felt lit up inside. And that warmth lasted through our shopping excursion. I found myself smiling more easily, speaking gently and kindly to the cashier at the checkout, and feeling more patient with the crushing crowd of pre-football game shoppers.

Research confirms my experience. Kindness is contagious. Studies have shown that people can merely read about acts of kindness without witnessing one and act more kindly going forward.1And it’s not necessarily the specific act that is contagious but rather, the expression and intention of kindness whatever the act may be. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE AND CHECK OUT THE FOLLOWING HIGH QUALITY VIDEOS FOR THE KIDS YOU LOVE!



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