Virtual Coaching

Zoom or Phone Individual or Family Coaching

Every family is different with their own unique set of challenges. Coaching can be provided over the phone or through Zoom offering direct expertise and support. Clients report it can be a significant catalyst for positive change for families.

Every coaching session will be unique depending upon your hopes for our work together. Also, timeframes vary depending upon your goals. Coaching sessions can take place over the phone or in-person and may include some or all of the following:

In the rushed frenzy of life, parents rarely have the luxury to reflect on their daily lives. Simple methods will be taught to record your interactions for a brief time so that you have an accurate picture of your own habits and patterns and how they are impacting your children. Raise your own self-awareness and you will open the door to positive changes. Guided reflections can be kept personal or shared with a partner or friend as you uncover what you want for your own development and what your hopes and dreams are for you and your children.

The strategies taught have been tested and proven successful through the field of social and emotional learning in schools. Translated into the informal, messy context of family life, these practices can be adapted to tailor to your own family’s routine and culture.

Quite often, as parents, we are told what we shouldn’t be doing but rarely are guided to what we can do instead. The tools provided are intended to expand our options in any given challenging situation with our children and prepare them for successful relationships and contributions.

Here’s what some clients have reported as a result of our work together trying out new strategies with their kids:

“My daughter was struggling with frustration tantrums in school and the teachers telling me she was disruptive. Jennifer taught me some strategies to help her expand her emotional vocabulary. At parent-teacher conferences, her teacher told me they noticed that my daughter was able to calm down quicker and articulate what she was feeling. They didn’t know what I had been working on at home.”


“I was growing distant from my son. He was pushing me away and I was frequently angry with him wanting to be more involved. Jennifer helped me prioritize cultivating trust between us and he opened up to me about problems he was having I was totally unaware of. I’m relieved to be able to help him.”


“When my daughter tries to get me engaged in a power struggle, now I act supportively and try and understand what she’s going through. Before I would get mad and she would get madder and it would turn into a huge fight.”


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