Setting Up Home for Learning Success

A 3-Part Series for Families

Our parents/caregivers can begin to more fully participate as core learning partners with schools when they have a greater understanding of how they can support learning success at home.

This 3-part series (90 minutes per session) will focus on three aspects of supporting their child or teen’s learning including: 

1.) Setting up the physical environment for learning success; 

2.) Setting up the social environment for learning success; and 

3.) Setting up the emotional environment for learning success.

Parents/caregivers will have the chance to share opportunities and challenges they face in supporting their child’s learning. They never need to be content experts but they do need to create safe, supportive conditions for learning and point their child to resources such as learning healthy ways to manage their frustrations, fuel their motivation to persist toward academic goals, and take brain breaks when needed.

Participate Size: 10-20 parents/caregivers per session recorded so that the recordings can be shared with the rest of the parent community (up to 100-200 caregivers depending on the size of the community).

Format: Zoom

Language: On Zoom, can activate subtitles.

Piloted successfully with Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District in California.

To learn more, schedule a brief conversation with Jennifer Miller here.

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