Confident Families and Schools Forum

Bring parents and students together to learn about supporting students’ social and emotional development. This 90-minute event will introduce families to how they can support their children or teen’s learning success by supporting their social and emotional development. They’ll begin to understand how schools build skills like empathy, collaboration and responsible decision-making and create safe, caring learning environments and how they can use social and emotional development as a lens through which they can view their role as parents and address even their greatest challenges.

For middle and high schools, students will attend and play a key role too as they learn about their own social and emotional well-being (made developmentally-appropriate by age/grade levels), engage in dialogue together and share their strengths, challenges and perspectives with their parents/caregivers to create empathy and greater understanding. 

This forum has been used to launch well-being initiatives with schools and communities and can be a powerful catalyst for gaining parent understanding and support.

Participate Size: Full parent/caregiver community (and tween/teens in middle and high schools).

Format: In-person (Ideal) with Jennifer on a projected screen, or Zoom with breakout rooms

Language: If in person, facilitator will present in English but can work with a volunteer translator (supplied by community) or if on Zoom, can activate subtitles.

Check out the article on the successful forum that took place with Mercer Island Schools in Washington state.

To learn more, schedule a brief conversation with Jennifer Miller here.

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