Teaching Kids About Name-Calling

Check out the following activity to help kids learn about the destructive nature of name-calling. Here is a printable pdf version.

Broken Heart by Jennifer Miller
“Our Hearts” –
Teaching Kids about Name-Calling

Ages: Preschool and Up
Materials: Paper, markers, scissors, Scotch tape
Time: 10-15 minutes

Draw a big red heart together and cut it out. Now ask your child (or children – easy to do as a group too!) to call out mean names. And as they do, you cut up the heart into pieces. Now let them know you need their help in repairing the heart. Ask them to tell the heart good things. As they compliment the heart, tape the pieces back together.

Ask, “What did you notice about the heart when you called it names?” Then, “What happened when you complimented the heart?” And, “How does the heart look now?’ You may want to ask, “Has anyone told you something that hurt you that you still remember?” “How does it make you feel when you think about it?” “Have you ever said something to another person that may have made them feel that way too?”

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