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Setting Up the Physical, Social and Emotional Environment for Learning Success at Home

Last year, I offered three different webinars to help parents and caregivers with setting up a caring, supportive learning environment at home. In this school year, some students, classes and schools continue to be engaged in remote learning. Additionally, it’s critical that we all work to create conducive learning environments for our children and teens …

Establishing or Reinventing Home Routines and Responsibilities for Learning Success

How are you setting up your home environment for the school year?

Setting Up Your Home Environment for LEARNING Success

Confident Parents, Confident Kids Back-to-School Webinar Series We are entering into an unprecedented school year with plenty of uncertainties and the stress and fear that goes with it. We are also facing big emotions like sadness and loss as we watch our children go back to school without so many of the rituals we have …

Waking Up to Family Life

How Can the Major Shifts in our Lives Help Us Prioritize our Family’s Well-being?

The Spontaneous Unity of Family in Flow

Amidst the “Great Reshuffle,” we have an opportunity to create the new age of the family. Check it out!

“You Said…” Survey Results and the Best CPCK Tools

From Surviving to Thriving During the #COVID19 Pandemic We so appreciated the participation of many in our survey on how we can meet your needs at this unique time during the COVID-19 pandemic. There were an average of 76 responses to each question, four questions total. When asked, “what is causing the most unrest in …

Homeschooling and Social and Emotional Learning; Building on Passions and Embracing Imperfection

It can be a daunting decision but has the potential to be the most rewarding, meaningful experience for a family.

Playing a Harmonious Duet: How Parents and Teachers Can Practically Connect Around our Children’s Learning

Did You Know? Parents are more involved in their child’s education than ever before. In 2016, 89% of parents, grades K-12 attended a general parent meeting as compared to only 72% ten years ago. Additionally, 43% of parents took the next step and volunteered in school as compared to only 39% in 1996.1 Research confirms …

Refreshing Home Routines for the School Year

It’s Just Another Day. Slipping Into Stockings, Stepping Into Shoes, Dipping In The Pockets Of Her Raincoat. Ah, It’s Just Another Day. Du Du Du Du Du It’s Just Another Day. Du Du Du Du Du It’s Just Another Day. – It’s Just Another Day, Paul McCartney “Do we really have to go back again?” …

Home Systems Set Up: How to Prepare for the School Year Launch in Your Home Environment

N.A.S.A. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is doing a check of your child’s learning environment to make sure all systems are ready to support a successful launch. At school, they might look for the following: School: ________safe, caring school environment? ________building trusting connections between students, teachers, staff and families? ________stimulating, well-managed, and participatory classroom environment …

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