Speaking Tonight in Chicago, Hosted by the Family Action Network…

Jennifer Miller of Confident Parents, Confident Kids is excited to speak tonight in northern Chicago sponsored by the organizations listed below and hosted by the Family Action Network. What a joy to speak in a community that not only talks about the importance of children’s whole development, but invests their time, money, and focus on research-based social and emotional learning in their schools! If you live in the Chicago area, hope you’ll join us! Grateful to @RogerWeissberg and @LonnieStonitsch for this opportunity! Here’s to Confident Parents raising Confident Kids!

Event Sponsors

2 Comments on “Speaking Tonight in Chicago, Hosted by the Family Action Network…”

    • Thank you so much, Surabhi! I know you are quite an asset to those students and families you serve! And nearing a big change for you, right? Hope all is going smoothly and looking forward to hearing how you are doing soon! I so appreciate your support! I know this will be video recorded so will share if I am able. Best, Jennifer

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