New Video Short! – A Smooth Morning Routine

Are your mornings ever stressful or chaotic? How do you avoid nagging or yelling and get out of the house on time? I am excited to share my first video short on my new YouTube channel about creating “A Smooth Morning Routine.” I hope you’ll watch, enjoy and gain some simple strategies you can use right away to help family members work cooperatively and start the day on a positive note.

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8 Comments on “New Video Short! – A Smooth Morning Routine”

  1. There was so much information in that video…thanks for all the great tips! I really appreciate the reminder to use “I notice” language. Although our mornings usually go pretty smoothly, I am looking forward to using similar steps for our after-school routine. That is the crazy time in our house!

    • Thanks so much! I’m always amazed what an impact it has when I notice positive behaviors. E will create “surprises” for me at times taking things I’ve appreciated to the next level. Kids want to be helpful and feel powerful when you notice they can do things on their own. Thanks for watching and commenting!

      • Jennifer, Good stuff. Parents need all the help they can get. Skyhorse Publishing will soon reissue my highly praised book, “Wise Up and Be the Solution: Create a learning culture in your home and help your child succeed in school.”

  2. Some really great strategies – involving children in the establishing of the morning routine, encouraging children to visualize themselves performing the morning routine, using proactive language to set expectations / remind….. Love it! As a school social worker, I will be sharing this video with the parents I work with!

    • Yes, exactly! Wonderful hearing that you are a school social worker! Such a critical role! Thank you for sharing and I do believe that a smooth, connecting morning routine can set the tone for learning throughout the day. All the best and stay safe and healthy! Best, Jennifer

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