Tone Tuning

Tone tuning illustIt is easy to forget that the music of our speech, our tone of voice, communicates just as much as the actual content of what is said. In fact, we may often feel that what we said has not been heard but notice that the emotion behind it causes family members to react. A gentle, monotone, “The dishwasher is broken.” is very different than a stressed, high-pitched, “The dishwasher is broken!” We offer instructions, directives and corrections to our children all day. We require their compliance to get through our routines. So how does our tone of voice affect what our children hear and how they respond? And could our awareness of our tone of voice make a difference in everyday life? Read full post.

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    • Thanks Sharon! Especially in the summertime when there is no normal routine (or less of one!) and kids are around the house more, it’s easy to lose sense of your own soundtrack. I get stressed with the lack of structure and needing to get in work around the edges of time with my son! I notice I need to heighten my own awareness of how it’s feeling and how I am communicating to make sure I’m setting a positive tone. Thanks for your comment!!

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